Orlando Flight

Orlando Flights, and Things to See When you Get There

It's no secret that most people book their Orlando flights to pay a visit to the attractions. Central Florida has an array of places and things that you can do with your family. Finding cheap Orlando flights is just the beginning. Once you see what wonderful things are in store for you and your kids in Orlando, you will never want to leave.

Of course, when people think of Orlando, they think of children's attractions. Walt Disney World immediately comes to mind and, while Walt Disney World was once the major attraction in Orlando, you should know that these days, when you book those inexpensive Orlando flights, you will see there is so much more than just Walt Disney World. Here are some of the many attractions and activities that you will find when you visit Orlando, Florida.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO-- You may have noticed when you booked your Orlando flights that the advertisements you saw were not just for Disney. Some of them might have been for Universal Studios Orlando, and it's not surprising. In fact, one of the first places you need to visit when you arrive in Orlando is Universal Studios Orlando. There is something for everyone: there are 3-D attractions and shows for the young kids, there are awesome rides for the older ones and amazing, world-renowned rollercoasters for those who feel daring. Pay a visit to Islands of Adventure to witness for yourself the impressive coasters. Holiday special events such as Halloween Horror Nights have made Universal Studios Orlando one of the most visited parks in the world each and every year. One day at Universal and you'll see that your cheap Orlando flights are just the beginning.

BUSCH GARDENS-- Just because you booked Orlando flights doesn't mean that you're confined to the Orlando area for your vacation. Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is only an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Central Florida activities and it guarantees a great time in a different part of Florida. With the Anheuser-Busch brewery on site, adults have the opportunity to sample products in limited amounts; family attractions like the classic Congo River Rapids are thrilling and fun for everyone, and rollercoasters like the Python and thrill rides like the Tidal Wave are visitor favorites.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER-- Florida doesn't just offer theme parks that entertain, but also educational experiences that will take you and your family to space - literally. Kennedy Space Center, located in beautiful Cape Canaveral, guarantees a day full of fun and excitement, as your family will be able to see a shuttle up close, experience what liftoff feels like, and on certain days, even witness a shuttle launch, one of the most breathtaking events you can ever be a part of. Kennedy Space Center is a must-see, especially for families with science and space buffs.

EAST COAST BEACHES -You can't plan a Florida vacation without planning to go to the beach, and the East Coast, just a few minutes from Orlando, has its share of gorgeous beaches to choose from to do everything from swimming to fishing. Cocoa Beach, home of the world-famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, is a popular beach for surfers. Beautiful shores and hundreds of visitors a day guarantee a fun day at the beach. If you love fishing, Cape Canaveral is a great spot for catching some great fish also. And there is something for everyone in the beautiful sandy beaches of New Smyrna Beach.

When you book your Orlando flights for you and your family, just remember that Disney is not your only option for having a great time with your family. Planning an Orlando vacation isn't difficult at all; the only trouble you may run into is trying to cram everything into one visit. But truthfully, affordable Orlando flights are so easy to find that, should you not be able to get everything done in on your first visit, you can definitely find Orlando flights for next time, so that you can continue on your Central Florida adventure.